Every day, this ‘brokenhearted’ pup ran away from home to go to his late owner’s grave


A devoted doggie in Turkey was clearly distressed by the loss of its master, who frequently vanished from the home, but no one understood where he had left until one day, says zenoonee.

The classic expression ‘A doggie is human’s best friend’ is a typical term that expresses a pet’s devotion and is maybe the most true statement ever made regarding canines.

Everyone was taken aback by the terrible narrative of Hachiko’s amazing dedication to his master, even after renunciating the spirit. Evidently, a similar thing occurred in Turkey!

It all began when Ismail ztürk, a Turk, chose to adopt an orphaned baby dog.

He eventually named the pup Zozo, which is why the doggie was devoted to ztürk because he took such proper care of him.

ztürk, on the other hand, passed away on February 10, 2014. Many people lamented his passing, including Zoza.

The family noted that the pup frequently ran away from home and reappeared after a brief period soon after ztürk’s burial. They never found out where he had disappeared.

Zafer his son, came to see his father’s tomb one day. When he gazed at his father’s tomb, he observed a strange person sleeping on top of it.

The creature was, in fact, Zozo! He had gone away from home to visit ztürk’s cemetery since he loved the master so much, the family subsequently revealed.

And although Zozo couldn’t express how much he loved ztürk, he demonstrated his affection by revisiting his cemetery every day.

His devotion to his master is both sincere and amazing.

If you admire Zozo’s incredible commitment and affection for his late owner, share his tale with your friends and family!

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