Four canines wait in traffic on a busy road to defend one of their pals who has been wounded and is unable to move


According to kenhthoisu, a good friend is someone who looks out for you and makes certain you’re doing the right thing at all times.

That is exactly what four wandering Chinese pet pups did for one of their friends.

This heartwarming video clip proves once again that canines are the most sensitive and loving creatures we have.

The pups were in the middle of the major street and refused to move a millimeter, which piqued the interest of the car users.

Nevertheless, when they drove cautiously past the animals, they all saw how they were attempting to safeguard their comrade who had been harmed by a car.

Why didn’t the driver stop to help this poor creature?

When it became evident that the inept pet was not going to move off the road, they decided to stand watch.

Puppies are incredible wonderful buddies, and their devotion to people and their kind has no bounds.

They the the sweetest angels that God sent to us. They are pure souls.

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