Kind hearted boy who is seven years old saved 1,300 dogs by looking for home for each of them!


What an amazing loving caring little boy with a heart of gold. 🐾❤️

He is caring and kindhearted for these beautiful doggies…! He devotes himself to dogs and loves these dogs unconditionally.😲👏

Boy whose name is Roman helped many dogs finding a forever home for them.

He got the title the kid of the year. This boy saved 1,300 dogs.

The boy told his parents not to give him presents. He just wanted them to give the mo.ney to animal shelter.

A show [20,000 $] for the support of the dogs. Roman says it is important to help these dogs who are in need of help. Find a home for every stray dog.

This kind boy was the founder of the project Freedom Ride. The aim of this project was to find and help those dogs who were helpless.

Now the boy looks after and takes care of dogs. His family gave hand to many dogs.

Thank you sweet boy for helping pups find their forever homes…🐕❤

What an Extraordinary young boy. That was such a kindhearted thing to do. You have a loving soul. You should be proud of yourself. Your parents should must know that they are doing a fantastic job raising you…👏💞

So happy you have a heart for animals.. For Helping. The Dogs Get Homes. You Are A Caring Person.

You are an Angel…!♥️ God Bless you always – God’s blessing on your life.🙏💞🙏🙏

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