Stranger finds 2 boys picking wood. The reason will tear you up


A fantastic moment happened when two boys were looking for wood to power their generator. They had lost power due to financial hardship, and they were living off the generator power.

As they searched the streets, a man approached them. The boys tell him the story of how they lost power and needed wood for their generator. He asks them to take him back to their house.

At first, it seems a little strange, but these boys are desperate for help, which the man offers. Once they return to their house, it is easy to see that the boys are significantly in need. The man asks the woman what she needs and how he can help.

The man is BI Phakathi, a South African motivational speaker, filmmaker, and life coach. He is best known for his viral videos on social media. BI is also known as ‘The Secret South African Santa’ due to his generosity.

He goes to the store to get groceries and gas for the family. BI returns and gives the family over $1,000, saying he will be back tomorrow with more help.

The mother shows her hands, revealing the callouses from cutting wood. She has been struggling to keep her family fed and provide the basics of life. The boys and their mother are so excited by BI’s generous gifts.

BI Phakathi helps the underprivileged and homeless people with food and money.

Without revealing his face, BI records the videos and uploads them on his Facebook page and Youtube channel, which gets hundreds of thousands of views. This touching video is proof there is good in this world.

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