The driver rescued a thirsty and exhausted maned wolf who had collapsed under his car


Seeing a vulnerable rare animal in front of you is something marvelous for people who love animals.

Some individuals may continue to walk without paying attention because they are afraid of pets, while others may take a cellphone or a camera to capture some images as a memorial, explains

People are different and many don’t care about those creatures who are the children of our Mother Nature.

That’s what Milton Rodrigues, a Brazilian driver, did when he noticed a snouted wolf ahead of him on the highway.

Rodrigues instantly stopped to photograph this lovely wolf, but he was startled to see the animal waddle forward and tumble beneath his vehicle.

This maned animal was probably fatigued and thirsty as a result of the high heat, which reached 104°F, so he pauses to aid the animal, putting some water into his lips, and at last the animal cheerfully rises up.

The man is a real hero who did not get scared to take a risk and help a wild animal who truly needed human attention.

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