A caring home is found for a 19-year-old senior dog who sas surrendered to a shelter


This tale is about Ace, a senior doggie who was abandoned to the Sonoma sanctuary and did end up 150 miles away at the SPCA.

The possible explanation why he was then 150 miles away would be that the wildfires in California.

Even so, the 19-year-old doggie never lost his love of life and continued to stay like a puppy!

This is why Bonnie, his foster mother, enjoyed him!

Bonnie gave him a home until the sanctuary could find him a permanent one.

The doggie was took home by Bonnie, who had some other rescue pets. He becomes more engaging when he is around other pups!

He finally found people who will shower him only with love and positive energy.

Nevertheless, numerous applications began to pour in for this beautiful angel!

The woman started to feel upset when she learned about the requests, and that’s when she realized she’d be the best permanent mother for him.

As a result, she chose to officially adopt him! What a satisfying conclusion!

View the video above to enjoy his journey.

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