Adorable pig gives little Chihuahua piggy back rides everywhere


Strange bonding stories between uncommon animals are pretty standard. However, several times, you may even fail to imagine such bonds. A perfect example of such a bond was between a Chihuahua and a pig.

The potbellied pig was Pumba, and the dog was Timon. The duo stayed at Better Piggies Rescue, a non-profit pig sanctuary in Phoenix, Arizona. The rescue organization had more than 140 pigs on their property.

One day, Danielle at Better Piggies Rescue received a call from the Arizona Humane Society. It was about a pig and a dog they had picked up from a home where their owner was incarcerated.

The Arizona Humane Society informed Danielle of this odd couple and wanted the Better Piggies Rescue to bring them in.

Timon loved to ride on Pumba’s back. The pig didn’t mind this at all. However, when Timon tried to do the same with the other pigs, they didn’t love it. On the other hand, the two were very comfortable together.

Pumba weighed around 175 pounds and was very thick and long. So Timon could have a whole snack on Pumba’s back.

Timon always used to go out to check on Pumba and see what the pig was up to. He would also be all over the pig’s mouth to check what was happening.

The history of the duo was a mystery. However, according to Danielle, their previous owner was incarcerated. Nonetheless, Danielle thought the two were abandoned and had nobody to take care of them except each other.

Pumba loved to be with people, pigs, and dogs. He would welcome every volunteer and greet them in their car. On the other hand, Timon was also very outgoing and loved people.

However, he preferred females to males. Timon also loved to cuddle with Danielle.

According to Danielle, pigs were very intelligent and would get emotionally attached to other pigs. She revealed that potbellied pigs had a life span of 15 to 20 years, and Pumba was around 12 to 15 years old.

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