No one realized Pittie was pregnant and fosters stopped counting at 15


Kaya Pittie, a dog, was able to be installed down at a kennel when he was rescued by a caring couple.

The doggie, who was underweight, went on a stroll with her new people, who were ready to give this cutie a roof above her head.

And they realized they needed to put her on a healthy diet so she could be healthy once again, says

When Kaya Pittie’s stomach began to grow, the pair assumed it was due to overfeeding, but she was really pregnant!

Pittie’s delivery would be the most peaceful ever, thanks to the thoughtful couple’s efforts!

They were startled, however, when she began giving birth to canines without pausing!

They believed she was done after giving birth to 15 puppies! But 30 minutes later, she gave birth to another, bringing their total to 16!

Wooooow! View the clip above to see this cutie’s journey and the cute little pups who just came into this world.

We hope everyone will get a permanent home and receive only love and care from humans.

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