Tears well up in his eyes as he struggles to comprehend why his family abandoned him in the shelter


Blue King (or Blue) the Pit Bull was overjoyed to be chosen by a family, says ilovemydogsomuch.

He absolutely loved them and did all he could to make them satisfied.

When the fam had to relocate to a new house, they nonchalantly chose to « set him free. »

They dumped him to a high-kill facility and never came back.

He felt horrible in the sanctuary, but he was confident that his parents would return for him. But as the tough reality sunk in, he was distraught.

He continued pondering, certain that his folks had abandoned him because he wasn’t a « nice boy. »

Workers quickly realized him weeping in the cage, tears flowing down his cheeks.

The charity attempted to calm him up by providing him with his favorite dish. , on the other hand, he avoided glancing at the meal.

When the employees touched him, he quit wagging his tail and left. He prayed nonstop for his humans to be back to him.

The refuge published his tale on social networks and requested others to rescue him after noticing his precarious predicament.

Jennifer, a lady, became obsessed with Blue! She stepped up to foster him and fought to aid him get better from the wounds of his betrayal.

Today, He is a cheerful, comfy puppy who no longer has to question the permanence of his mom’s love!

This awesome baby would never have to cry again! Watch His devastating sobs in the clip above as he understands that they dumped him.

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