2 hours before the pup is put to death, the instructor rescues her, and the adorable pup rescues her son after 7 years


As pups, intelligent dogs frequently exhibit restlessness and uncontrollable activity.

This was the situation with Ruby, a pup Australian Shepherd. The charity put her as unavailable for adoption and prepared for her euthanasia.

Patricia, a doggie trainer, interfered and pleaded for her life just 2 hours before she was euthanized, reports ilovemydogsomuch.

She assumed a talented pup as her would fit in well with the K9 squad.

She was welcomed into a K9 trainering course as a result of her achievements.

Her trainer, Daniel, had lots of tough moments with her in the start.

She, on the other hand, became a power to be reckoned with after she calmed down in a stable and affectionate household!

These two solved many missing human situations and rescued numerous lives over the course of 7 years.

They received a call one morning about a youngster who had been gone for 24 hours.

The fam was in great trouble. The pup instantly discovered the missing youngster unconscious in the bushes.

The adolescent had suffered a concussion and was transported to the hospital in time to be rescued.

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