Firefighters use a special animal oxygen mask to save an unconscious cat’s life


An oxygen mask designed specifically for pets rescued the life of an orange tabby kitten.

The New Orleans Fire Dept spotted the slain cat near a domestic structure fire that began about midday on Wednesday.

They utilized an oxygen mask designed exclusively for pets to revive the unhappy fella, as shown in the clip below.

Local officials removed fifteen people from the property, and no one was injured in the incident.

Unfortunately, two kitties that were trapped in one of the units died from smoke inhalation.

Firefighters brought the suffocating kitties to road level in order to attempt to resuscitate them with air.

In the footage, one savior can be observed wiping the white bear’s face with an oxygen mask while caressing its head.

The masks come in a range of sizes and may be used by other creatures as well.

While napping off on a lavender blanket, an immobilized ginger and white cat is indeed given oxygen.

Some firefighters rubbed its stomach and throat and pushed oxygen into its mouth in an attempt to resuscitate it.

One firefighter can be heard asking the kitten, « How is it? « Are you feeling much better? »

Another fireman can be observed offering the kitten a sip by holding a bottle of water.

« I think he has 8 more life, » New Orleans Fire Dept Captain Doug Cardinale remarked.

Near the end of the clip, the 2 cats are seen sitting in a cat carrier close to each other.

It is unclear whether the babies and their parent have been reconciled.

As per accounts, the apartment where the fire started was completely damaged and judged unfit for human occupancy.

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