Only rescue puppies and kittens can now be sold at California pet stores


California is starting the new year off on a high note for creatures, reports pintiks.

As of January 1, pet merchants in the country are no longer permitted to sell pups, kitties, or bunnies originated from professional breeder.

However, only rescued pets from local animal refuges will be allowed to live in stores.

The new regulation is aimed at puppy farms and responsible breeders, who are infamous for putting profit ahead of animal welfare by keeping animals in cramped, squalid camps.

Baby creatures are regularly brought out poorly for sale at pet shops, with little to no vet care, while their solitary older parents dwell in misery, repeatedly bred for additional « stock. »

The new California regulation, the country’s first and most restrictive regulation rule of its kind, will almost likely cost the irresponsible corporation money.

« This brings us one major step nearer towards the day when animals are unable to trade, » said Kitty Block, interim chief executive officer of the Humane Society of the US(HSUS).

The law is designed not just to reduce the need for mill-bred pets, but also to ensure that people are adequately equipped to look after a new kitten before acquiring one.

Rabbits, for instance, are typically marketed as « starting pets » in pet shops.

Despite the fact that that they need the same level of care as a kitten or pup and can survive for 10 years or more.

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