Two girls weep for a pup in a kill sanctuary, unaware that their mom had adopted the same pup


When 2 girls discovered a pup called Rosie on the internet, they fell in love with her right away.

Nevertheless, she was in a kill refuge in Georgia, which was a long distance away from the girls’ home.

So, even if the cutie was available for adoption, the tiny girls couldn’t get her, says ilovemydogsomuch.

But the girls were so taken with that beauty that they checked in on her adoptive process every day.

The kids’ spirits plummeted one day when they learned that Rosie might be euthanized if she didn’t acquire an adoption agreement shortly.

The sobbed since they won’t realize how to aid Rosie. Unknown to the girls, their parents were well aware of their daughters’ plight.

They decided to contact the refuge and discuss how they might get her to their city.

They intended to adopt her and then astonish the girls!

The kids’ mom is surprised on the roads with Rosie in her hands in the clip below.

The girls are overcome with emotion as they can’t even believe what they’re seeing and gradually grasp their parents’ thoughtful gift!

As they hug Rosie, the two girls scream tears of happiness.

Rosie, too, expresses her gratitude with loving cuddles, knowing that all these two girls have rescued her with their devotion.

She and the girls have become an unbreakable trio. What a heartwarming rescue tale!

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