A street pup at a bus stop gazed at passengers who kept passing by and left him rotten food


While we cannot restrict the homeless dog population, we can do our best to assist.

What bothers us the most is that many people walked by this unfortunate puppy for days and did nothing to help him.

ilovemydogsomuch says that he lay there, unwell and lonely, exposed to the elements.

Some ‘friendlier’ people left him meals, but he continued to not be safe by himself.

As the food decayed before him, the forlorn dog cuddled in a carton crate. The coldness made him shiver.

It was very upsetting. Fortunately, someone with a kind heart turned up. She scooped him up and drove him directly to the veterinarian.

Helu is the name she chose him. Helu was subjected to a battery of tests by the doctor. He was experiencing pulmonary effusion.

Helu was subjected to a battery of tests by the vet. He was experiencing pulmonary effusion.

He had to remain at the medical center for many days since it was so bad.

Helu would be properly cared for, according to the veterinarian. He kept his word!

His savior returned a few days later to take him home. He looks fantastic! He can walk with a collar.

He recalls his saviour and is relieved to be reconnected with him. His savior then chooses to formally foster him.

She can’t see her life without him. He will never have to be concerned about his next food or his shelter.

He will always have a lot of affection because of a wonderful woman who would never abandon him.

This is the kind of tale conclusion we want! See Helu’s entire story below.

Thank you to all the altruistic pet lovers that bring animals like him into their homes!

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