An unappreciated and unloved dying foal becomes a real champion


The story of this young horse’s rescuing bring tears to my cheeks.

He was barely conscious when he was discovered.

He was called RSPCA Horse of the Year 6 months later!

He was dying when he was taken to the cattle cross vet facility in Halstead, 6 months ago.

The marked horse, was unable either sit or stand, was being transported on a blanket. Poor baby was in a terrible condition.

He was just 4 months old, and his mom had gone missing. He had hypothermia, exhaustion, and pneumonia.

The small horse could fight. He gradually healed, with a devoted staff caring for him around the night.

He has a fighting spirit and didn’t let them to take their life away from him.

Horse enthusiasts from all around the globe learned about the young horse’s plight and contributed to his treatment.

He became stronger and more fit week after week.

,,He was adored by a whole country, and your love and devotion for him restored him to life. »

The hospital sent out a Facebook message to fans.

He was eventually adopted by the vet hospital, where he was given a lot of affection and attention.

This poor baby receive only the best in this world.

As he attracted all the focus, Judes, members of the audience, and livesitters sobbed with delight.

He took a lap of honour here after his triumph!

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