Clever dog Enters Texan Police Department to report himself missing


You’re aware that if you’re missing, you can request that police officers seek for assistance.

So, when Chico, the doggie, lost his master, he decided that the most suitable place to go was the police van.

It sounds insane, yet this clever dog accomplished exactly that.

As a nice lad, he stepped into the Odessa Police Dept in Texas and addressed his problem.

In the early hours of February 11, policemen were surprised by an unusual guest.

The young man entered the police headquarters and climbed up upon the desk.

He carefully placed his paws on the front counter to inform them of his problem: he was « lost » from his family.

Sergeant Rusty Martin was one of the cops that greeted him.

He informed that the doggie looked unconcerned about his position.

« We’re thinking he wanted to ask for a K-9 post after ruling out a Lassie-type scenario, » noted a dude on Fb.

As per the cop, the doggie got « a lot of care and affection. « We were all thrilled to have him here, » he continued.

« We had a ball and threw it around the foyer for some time. » « He was appreciated by everybody. »

Regardless of the fact that I enjoyed Chico, it was time to restore him to his proper home.

It wasn’t simple, though, because his ID number had slipped off his neck.

As a result, animal services was called in to look for a microchip.

He had gotten out of the police station unobserved before they came.

Fortunately, he returned immediately to his owner, who informed that he had returned and was healthy and safe at home following his brief adventure.

Martin, who had written about the event on Facebook, stated, « He fled out just as quickly as he walked in. »

« The owners answered the next day to say it was his doggie and he had came back home. » He lives a mile away from the station. »

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