On the street, an elderly doggie who was dumped walks lonely, sobs, and begs for food


Ray, an eight-year-old Labrador retriever who had been deserted by his family, was discovered on the streets of Torrance, California, alone.

His eyes were melancholy and brooding. His physique was slender and skeletal.

Due of malnutrition, his fur was no longer functioning. His parents coldheartedly left him and did not care about what would happen to him.

It’s tragic when a pet’s family gives up on him.

Members of the family may reject to care for a sick or elderly dog, but they have no clue how much pain the doggie would undergo if they abandon it.

Ray was saved by the workers of the institution in Carson, California.

Ray had made some progress due to workers at the center, but he was still despondent.

He was quickly placed for adoption. His enthusiasm for senior canines appears to be moderate.

Ray was welcomed at that time! His sentiments towards individuals have remained constant.

He constantly welcomed everyone with joy and affection. It hurt our souls to see him in the video looking so confused and miserable.

We hope he recovers quickly and continues to be surrounded with care and love.

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