Everyone in the audience laughed at the “Hillbilly” on stage, but a moment later they were all silent.


America’s Got Talent, the popular television program, has a talent for spotting gems in the rough. And Kevin Skinner certainly seems to meet the criteria.

Everyone laughs at this apparent “hillbilly” as soon as he speaks, even the judges and the live audience.

Anyone listening to him speak would think he had traveled directly from the wilderness to the stage, making no pauses along the way. They would always be on the lookout for fiddles, fights, and moonshine jugs.

He modestly explains that he would occasionally collect thousands of chickens in a single day as he outlines his job as a chicken catcher to the applause of the crowd.

The judges support him in starting his show despite their reservations.

The respectful and even dubious stillness of the crowd soon gives way to astonishment as Skinner demonstrates his skill as a guitarist and singer.

Both the crowd and the judges were obviously awestruck by Skinner’s performance, which brought the house to its feet and left everyone speechless.

The best way to put it is as stated by one of the judges:

“There is a point in every season, I can remember them all, when someone comes on stage dressed like you are; your cap is on backwards, and you know, we’re all like, “This is going to be a huge car wreck…

And you have me in about twenty seconds. And when it was all said and done, that was one of the most moving performances I’ve seen in a while.

The other judges also laud the winner. The compliments they gave him as well as the extraordinarily warm reaction he received from the live crowd affected Kevin Skinner.

Watch his incredible performance here:

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