A guy collected pennies in a box for 45 years, and this is how much he saved…


Ota At the start of the 1970s, Anders started collecting one-cent pennies.

For 45 years, the guy gathered all the money and put them in big boxes without skipping a day.

Eventually, Tota was intrigued about how much money he was able to save.

The guy went to the bank and asked them to check every cent he had accumulated.

After completing a purchase at the shop, he would occasionally scour the pavement and other locations for misplaced money.

The guy characterized his pastime as a method for him to express thanks for all the small benefits he has received.

Anders refused to use money. He just put them in the initial two boxes, beginning with the biggest.

The guy must have taken over the entire cellar under the warehouse.

Anders ultimately took the choice to compute the amount of cash he had amassed.

The guy drove all of the containers to the bank in a rented car.

Notwithstanding their surprise, the employees continued putting coins into the coin-counting device.

He had accumulated almost 500 000 pieces in sum, weighing a total of 1270 kg.

The total amount concerned was $5,136, which is not a significant quantity.

He is thrilled as well; he plans to utilize the saved money to reward himself to a well-deserved vacation.

Yes, He will need to find a new hobby now. He is no longer interested in making money.

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