20 hilarious pictures of pups who look like celebrities


It’s a widespread adage that everyone has seven doppelgängers all throughout the globe, but no one has ever stated if they all have to be people.

These 20 celebrity-inspired canines are live proof that our likenesses can be discovered not just among people, but also in the animal realm.

It’s hilarious to see how, notwithstanding their fur, these canines continue to resemble their famous counterparts, and some of the parallels are astounding.

Look at the doggie who looks like John Travolta; those eyes are stunning.

But there are many more to view, so without further hemming and hawing, scroll down this list of canines dressed as important personalities.

We are confident you will find the majority of them rather amazing.

A dog that resembles the president of Russia. That’s so awesome.

A pup that resembles Richard Branson. So lovely and how similar they look.

There is a doggie that resembles Ron Perlman.

Another one that resembles Samuel L. Jackson.

Look at the pup that resembles John Travolta.

Also there is a pup that resembles Snoop Dogg.

What sweet creature that resembles Harrison Ford.

Sweet pup that resembles Chewbacca.

A sweet creature that look like Payton.

A cute but funny dog who looks like Trump.

Even there is a pure creature that resembles gorgeous Julia Roberts.

A dog that resembles Hitler. That’s a little scary, isn’t it?

There is an adorable pup that looks like Lady Gaga

And also there are many who look like William Macy, or Ron.

There are more of Snoop.

Even there is a beauty who resembles Cher, Paris Hilton and at last Eric Stonestreet.

What a resemblance!

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