Indiana and Rory Feek perform the moving song “Papa What If…” Watch the motional video here!


The touching song “Papa What If” by country singer Rory Feek and his child Indiana is the perfect choice for Father’s Day.

Given how well Indiana or Indy has performed, we are certain that Joey Feek must be grinning from above.

We adore this film since it shows a father and daughter unit creating wonderful memories.

One of the top duos in country music, Joey + Rory, included Rory Lee Feek.

Rory and Joey were a married couple that impacted their audience with their fervent Christian beliefs and award-winning ability.

When Joey passed away from cervical cancer at the conclusion of their relationship, their love was true “’til death makes us part.”

And although Joey has passed on to glory and is with her loving Savior in Heaven, Rory, who is currently raising their daughter Indy alone, claimed in an interview that “he still feels married.”

We can sense the love between Indy and her dad as we listen to the heartfelt Father’s Day song, “Papa What If,” and we can see how much she admires her dad from the way she looks at him in the music video below!


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