Meet Cinnamon, the gorgeous pup with ‘Cinnamon Roll’ ears


Jen learned one day that a family of pups needed to be rescued.

The five-week-old pups were rescued at a local sanctuary after their parents dumped them.

The pups were instantly transported to the veterinarian. The pups are all brown and have large, pointed ears.

One of them, though, stands out due to the way her ears curve inwards, giving her ears the appearance of two cinnamon buns.

Deane, of naturally, called her Cinnamon. Deane, the Pit Sisters’ chairwoman, says she’s never encountered anything like Cinnamon’s ears, and she thinks they’re charming.

Her portrait was uploaded on social networks, and everyone immediately fell in love with her right once.

Her ears have been compared to « victory rolls, » a classic 1940s haircut.

Several thousand individuals shared and loved her picture.

Her exposure was greatly advantageous to the rescued pups, since they now require adoption.

She has been acquired and now resides with a wonderful family who also has 3 other pets.

The pups were all adorable, with brown hair and enormous, sharp ears, but one of them had ears that curled inwards and looked like cinnamon rolls.

Her picture was uploaded online and quickly went popular. More individuals got excited about adopting her and the other pups as a result of the popular picture.

They were all taken, and she now lives with a loving family that also has 3 other pets.

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