The judges, particularly Simon, did not anticipate her singing like that until…


They clearly underestimated this majestic girl.

America’s Got Talent is already a beautiful show, with numerous unusual acts that leave fans in amazement and sometimes leave the 4 judges giggling and their heads shaking.

This moment, though, a fairy emerged onstage, replete with an enigmatic instrument.

Just patiently wait for Zelda to work her charm. Zelda is her name.

She’s dressed like a woodland fairy, complete with extended ears and an ocarina.

Simon and the other jurors have a pre-audition talk with her, who is definitely skeptical.

She goes by the nickname Freckled Zelda.

Whether you have faith in fairies or not, she made an evident influence on the jurors and crowd.

Judge Howie is at a lost for words as he speaks to her about her past and where she is from.

The whole throng is staring at the dressed woman professing to come from a « awe-inspiring woods, » with interested eyes and swiveled necks.

She sings a version of « Colors of the Wind » from the Disney film « Pocahontas » to show that nobody should be assessed only on their looks.

She also has a great voice! « I believed the potato flute was intriguing as well, » Heidi adds.

« And I appreciate the fact that you are special and one-of-a-kind. » We don’t have to be alike; « America’s Got Talent » is a variety show. I believe you’re fantastic.

After Howie’s initial favorable reaction, the other jurors followed in, leaving the fairy in cries of wonderful pleasure.

Watch the incredible video above and merely enjoy.

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