A 13-year-old boy spent $1500 on his own house… Check out this video of him showing around!


The bulk of junior high kids are most likely not considering building homes; rather, their thoughts are most likely elsewhere.

Luke, a 13-year-old Iowan, is distinct from any other adolescent you’ve ever encountered.

This talented and accomplished young fellow built his own house in his folks’ yard.

He is now enjoying the American dream in his own home, which he renovated for roughly $1500.

Visit the house and see how it looks on the inside. It’s easy to assume Luke is distinct from his older friends.

In an age when the majority of teens are into iPads, iPhones, electronics, Xbox, and Playstation, this young youngster chooses to spend his time better.

He confesses on his Youtube page that his ambition to build his own home arose during his hours of idleness last summer.

After conducting some study on the issue, Luke had an idea of how to follow out his idea.

It required him a year to accumulate the required finances and building materials.

He gained the funds by mowing the lawn, establishing an internet fundraiser, and completing little jobs for everyone in his area.

As an example, Luke’s electrician buddy connected the power in exchange for him arranging and cleaning his garage.

The bulk of the recycled materials he utilized were found strewn over his grandma’s house and accounted for approximately 75% of what he used.

The house’s front door was a present from his uncle’s friend.

The house is 8.2 sqm in size, has electricity, but no drainage, resulting in currently no bathroom or water system.

« I loved the straightforward design, » Luke said. And I wanted a property without a large mortgage.

To generate interest in his small house, Luke filmed and broadcast a few videos in which he outlines his concept.

As you can anticipate, his parents helped him out financially and with the construction of the house.

Greg, on the other hand, made certain that he paid for the bulk of the construction and constructed the largest portion of the house himself.

« It was a fantastic opportunity for the youngster to do more than simply play computer games, » Greg said. It gave as a lesson in life.

In many respects, the home is every boy’s dream—a haven away from the outside world where he can relax and recharge.

A microwave, a TV, and an inner loft with a bedroom are available.

There’s also a yard with a grill in the rear!

He studies in his little house, which he probably uses as a bedroom.

He already has plans to construct a bigger, larger home after he completes high school and joins college.

He also wishes to provide a good example for people who want to achieve their goals.

« I want to tell them that it’s possible to construct a house in this age, » he said in one of his documentaries.

Watch the clip below to see how he thinks about his formation.

His story is an inspiring example of what a youngster can accomplish when he or she has a clear goal in mind, a strong work ethic, and financial support.

The little boy’s home awed us, and we’d adore to have one similar to it in our yard!

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