The 77-year-old cleaning lady, who has never celebrated her birthday, hears her name called over a speaker and…


Students and workers at Frances’s West Virginia school respect her and hold her in high regard as a janitor.

The 77-year-old is usually cheerful when she comes at Belle Elementary School and takes wonderful care of the property.

Nevertheless, when the employees discovered that her childhood was unlike that of other contemporary youngsters, they decided to perform something unique for her.

She had little cash to spend on birthday or holiday parties because she was reared in poor family.

As a mark of their thanks, the crew decided to change this and give her a birthday celebration.

After 200 workers and students had arrived to honor her birthday and the cafeteria had been decked with birthday food, they summoned her to the area.

Could Rendall and Frances perhaps drop by the cafeteria? According to the Gazette-Mail, the speaker inquired.

She felt she was being asked to perform a task, but when she opened the door and saw what was within, she couldn’t comprehend it.

The kids cheered and sent their well intentions her way as the presents were taken out into the corridor.

The institution also made a short video in which her face appeared in a variety of famous occurrences.

She was treated like royalty, complete with her own robe and tiara.

She revealed that the only gifts she had ever gotten as a youngster were fruits and nuts when her fam had the cash.

Oh, there’s a big party going on. She cried with delight, « I respect it since no one has ever performed this for me. »

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