Here’s the reason why Angelina Jolie’s 13-year-old kid opted not to live with her…


Her 13-year-old child, recently stated her wish to live with her dad in publicly.

As per insiders, the daughter no longer want to live with her mom because she considered her mom’s conduct during the process of divorce upsetting.

Shiloh apparently did not even seek her mom’s permission before exposing her to the reality.

According to intimate acquaintances, Angelina will be devastated when she realizes her child has left her.

The girl’s dad, B. Pitt, was pleased to hear the news. According to similar sources, the Shiloh siblings may very possibly follow in his footsteps.

After all, the setting of the house has altered from what it previously was.

There is currently no reliable source available to adequately confirm or reject this data.

The media are inundated with happy photographs of the renowned mom. You are not permitted to voice your disapproval to them.

Recall how the ex partners worked for a long time to reach a settlement on child custody?

Jolie originally resisted her ex-husband contacting them, but she finally agreed to a settlement.

The actor may now address the youngsters anytime he pleases. Let’s hope their family’s circumstance improves soon.

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