Over the period of a year, an Australian man shares his car with a giant spider…


Driving was never dull for this Sydney, driver, but he now looking forward more to taking on drives even more after and over a year ago. The culprit is a massive huntsman spider!

Seeing one inside a moving car is perhaps everybody’s greatest fear, but Chris saw it as a godsend.

While the 42-year-old guy was driving through Sydney’s neighborhoods, a spider perched on the dash.

But the guy opted to preserve it rather than flee or be afraid. It happened over a year ago.

He has given his unusual copilot a name, and the duo are continue journeying along.

She just discovered that the insect is a female, yet he still thinks to himself as Steve.

« She just popped up on the dash about a year ago when I was parked at a signal, » the guy informed LADBible.

He decided to let her remain because these creatures are not dangerous to people.

She had multiple chances to get out of the car, but she opted to stay.

She has nearly quadrupled in size since her arrival, indicating that she enjoys his automobile.

He explained that she loves it in his car for some reasons. « I did get her out of the vehicle a couple months ago, but she was again behind the solar visor the next day. »

I’ve seen her develop, although she was barely half her current size when I first met her.

While traveling with her is always a delight for him, this isn’t the situation for Chris’ guests!

When I have guests in my vehicle, they regularly flinch or yell, » he said.

Driving is lot more exciting with her in the car, and she is amazing at staying me awake while I’m traveling. What a unique and an unusual story.

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