This 25-year-old lady gave birth without realizing she was pregnant, and here’s the reason…


Lorna, a British woman, was fully uninformed of her circumstances during her pregnancy.

Gynecologists and obstetricians in fact believe that this is an unusual condition, usually triggered by physiologic quirks.

We’ll find out how this occurred, as well as the sentiments of the British mother and her unwanted kid.

She decided to receive a contraception implant after delivering to a daughter called Vivien in June 2020.

It produces the ovulation-inhibiting chemical etonogestrel. After a while, she began to feel ill and was concerned about bloating and a large weight increase. She was at ease at first.

I gained a lot of weight, but I knew it was just side effects, so I didn’t think much about it, she adds.

When the pain didn’t go away, the lady went to visit her doctor.

The doc found that the patient’s condition was induced by fluid retention in the body induced by the implant, and she was advised to lose weight.

She did a wonderful job of following the doctor’s instructions.

« I was trying to lose weight and went on long walks, » she remembers. But it was pointless.

The condition of health didn’t matter, the weight didn’t go down, and the strange stomach feelings continued.

She couldn’t believe she was pregnant since her sentiments were so unlike to those she had during her previous pregnancy.

Notwithstanding her illness, she agreed to her love Nick’s thoughts and joined him to a friend’s party. She became more ill, requiring her to call 911 while at a gathering.

She was advised that she was in labour and that her waters had already broken after being examined at the clinic.

So, four hours after being taken to the hospital, she gave birth to a healthy baby named Daphne, despite not having had time to properly comprehend her condition.

This unforeseen incident occurred on August 1, 2021. What a unusual and unique story.

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