When the 5-year-old’s fingers struck the keys, he was transformed into a tiny Mozart… Here is a video!


This young man has truly astounded me.

This small prodigy doesn’t allow the fact that his feet can’t even touch the pedals prevent him from showcasing his remarkable piano abilities!

Some people are born with all of the talents and abilities of the late, major talented musicians of history of mankind. As an example, take the 5-year-old Italian kid genius.

While other youngsters his age are napping and learning their ABCs in preschool, Alberto is instructing adults on the finer intricacies of Mozart.

You won’t be able to learn it by attending a few piano lessons. Some things are simply tough in your DNA!

He is hardly recognized outside of the facts that he is from Italy and the polar opposite of low-key.

Nevertheless, if the number of iPhones held up by onlookers is any indication, he is obviously film-worthy.

He doesn’t shy away from displaying his daring, persistence, and amazing talent to the crowd, with charging fingers and the passion of someone with many more years of knowledge on him.

View the video here to enjoy this beautiful angel. Share about this cutie with your friends and family to lighten their day and fill it with love.

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