She became a mother to five daughters all at once. How they look now


There are well-known five-year-olds here. After graduating from universities, their parents become close friends, and they later got married.

Unfortunately, their first child passed away, and the second was delayed.

Varvara used birth control pills to help her conceive a child, and as is typical in these situations, she finally gave birth to many children at once.

Due to medical professionals’ refusal to perform such a difficult pregnancy, the couple chose to give birth in Britain.

Fortunately, one entrepreneur made the decision to provide financial assistance.

Five lovely daughters were consequently born in 2007 as a result. They required a caesarean section at the 26th week of pregnancy due to their extreme prematurity.

Representatives of the local government were waiting for them with the keys to a four-room flat at the airport in their native country.

One sizable diaper firm freely distributed its goods.

Despite having to put in some effort to attend kindergarten and school together, the girls grew up healthy and attractive.

Even though he works, the girls’ father attempts to be as engaged in their upbringing as he can.

Maybe it has to do with his strong religious convictions; everyone in the family is a devout believer.

Each girl attends the club or Sunday school that she enjoys the most.

The fact that both parents are educators and have experience interacting with young children may have played a role.

As a result, problems are now resolved and all processes involving females are structured.

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