The elderly guy offered the little girl his help. The way the story ended is absolutely amazing


When Yana was just eight years old, her parents died. She was cared for by her aunt.

The lady raised her niece as if she were her own, showering her with love and care despite the fact that she was unable to provide for all of her needs.

The family frequently received packages from a friend named « Uncle Seryozha from the USA. »

Yana was quite impatiently anticipating these gifts. The man maintained contact with an old buddy and was a fellow soldier of Galina’s spouse.

They said he was wealthy and had all he needed in the United States.

When the time came to plan Yana’s future, Sergey Vitalievich volunteered his assistance.

He promised to be able to assist the orphan in receiving an excellent education, but there is one catch.

He indicated that if a fictional marriage was established, things would go more quickly.

Although she knew this was a fiction, the aunt did not want to present her family as an elderly « groom. »

Gali’s spouse, however, succeeded in persuading her that there was nothing improper with this and that doing so would be good for their child.

Yana soon relocated to a totally other state. After some time had passed, the girl herself was unaware of her husband’s blossoming feelings for her.

Sergey Vitalievich made every effort to eliminate her need for anything. Girls disparage her, stating that she could meet her peer and that the elderly guy had first thought of everything.

But Yana doesn’t pay much attention to these chats since, above all, she is content.

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