A kid gives up his dream shoes in order to purchase boots for a poor friend, and is eventually rewarded


On the school bus that transported him home, David always sat in a window seat.

While usual, he could widen the window wide and allow the afternoon breeze cuddle his cheeks as he remembered the game he had performed that day, minute by moment.

« What you accomplished on the field these days was incredible! » said one of his students.

« I believe we have a national level player with us, gentlemen. Get those signatures while you can! » another player said at David, clapping him on the back nearly too hard.

This was his greatest ambition: to play for his nation and become like all those famous soccer players.

He could just about feel it, the delicious air of success and satisfaction as he and his squad laughed and took selfies with the golden national championship.

He was continually practicing what he would say to the cameras and press at the end of the game.

He ascended from lowly origins. And how all he had become was due to his mum. « Excuse me, may I have a seat? »

He was so engrossed in his daydream that he didn’t notice when one of his students wanted to sit beside him.

The youngster sat down next to Him, took his rucksack, and proceeded to tell him about his dream.

« I desire to be the best football player in my school. The same as David.

« I can’t even believe I’m seated next to him! » says the speaker.

The youngster was a huge David admirer who never missed an occasion to watch him perform.

He was all he wished to be in his head. He desired to play like him, have as many friends as him, and even wear David’s nice soccer shoes.

« These worn old shoes ought to do the trick… as of now, » the child reasoned as he tucked his feet behind the seat.

Guillermo has always been introverted and struggled to make friends.

One day, the child had the confidence to approach his hero. « Good day, David! » Guillermo is my name. « I’m your biggest supporter! »

“Oh? Hello, Guillermo! Thx.” As He started to wander again, there was an uneasy stillness.

“Guillermo said, « I… really like your shoes! » It was the first thing he thought of.

“These? They’re so ancient that the soles are already beginning to come off.

You ought to see the new shoes I’m purchasing. David’s eyes glowed as he imagined the dream shoes he had been saving up for.

Guillermo cautiously tucked his feet beneath the bench and said, « Tell me more about them!

David shouldn’t have been able to notice how filthy and worn out his own shoes were.

Well, they are flawless! The traction on these is unparalleled, plus they are brilliant orange.

For seven months, David had been saving money to buy the shoes he desired.

The 12-year-old has never before sought to purchase something by himself.

He also wanted to avoid saddling his mom in the process. Because he is aware of his mom’s laborious efforts to support him and his two younger twin sisters.

« Mother, you don’t need to help. You need to put money aside to arrange a party since Tracy and Katie’s birthdays are coming up soon, remember?

David had amassed sufficient funds. And he accomplished it by selling lemonade over the previous vacation and delivering a little newspaper each morning.

That is, until the moment his piggy was overflowing and he had enough money to buy the boots of his desires and bring them home.

On the bus ride back from class that day, he and the boy were unable to quit speaking about it.

“Guillermo! I finished it! I’m heading to the store right away tonight to get the greatest sneakers in town after finishing my schoolwork.

In fact, I’ll pick you up and you’re welcome to accompany me to the store. It’s going to be the finest sensation ever!

For his hero, Guillermo had a genuine rush. At that point, the bus abruptly hit a pothole, causing one of Guillermo’s shoes to fall to the ground.

David was taken aback when he noticed the tarnished and stained sneaker.

It was a pair of summer shoes that were flimsy and of low quality.

The canvas was flaking off, the sole had holes, and the laces were gone. Guillermo dropped the other shoe out of embarrassment.

While looking at his companion and burying his face in his hands while weeping softly but uncontrollably, David had tears in his eyes.

For the remainder of the journey, the two youngsters struggled with what to say to one another.

In reference to their evening plans to visit the store, David ultimately instructed Guillermo, « Be ready for 5 o’clock! »

David could not possibly visit the store alone. No, not after what he had witnessed.

David, I see! Are you coming to receive your brand-new soccer shoes?

The business owner stated, « I already have them prepared and packed. Keep on, sir.

Could you maybe show me a pair of these shoes in a lower size? » David said, looking at a pair of cozy boots.

Mr. Manning, the business owner, is perplexed. But David, the ones I brought are the exact right size.

David said, « Not for me, for my pal here. What Guillermo had heard was so unbelievable.

David couldn’t be allowed to do that, therefore he couldn’t. David, I don’t need that, no.

To calm Guillermo down, David softly blinked while squeezing his hand.

« Guillermo, I’ll handle it. You always refer to me as your idol. I’ll do my best to be one for you.

When Mr. Manning overheard this conversation between the boys, he was moved.

He was fully aware of his obligations. Wow, my buddy, you look amazing in this. And this is the finest we currently have in the shop.

With the pair of boots he had purchased for his friend, David was finally content.

Now, instead of feeling ashamed, Guillermo was overwhelmed with thanks and unbridled excitement for this unexpected gift.

Mr. Manning waved to his employees as the lads walked out of the store and out onto their bikes.

We have to do something right away, you see. “David! A visitor is waiting for you at the door!

Actually, a truck is how he arrived. The situation baffled David’s mother as well.

A recognizable individual was waiting at the door as David raced to open it.

The shoe store’s proprietor, Mr. Manning, answered the phone. The youngster questioned, « What brought you here? »

At the supermarket, David, I overheard you chatting with your friend.

I am aware of what you did, the guy said. « I saw you peddling lemonade and delivering newspapers, so I know how desperately you wanted those spiked shoes.

And today I witnessed you renounce all of those goals in favor of helping a buddy who needed assistance more than you did.

Out of the corner of his eye, David noticed his mother’s pleased expression and bent his head in bashful.

And in this day and age, I believe charity and friendship of that kind should be honored.

So forward! Take as many pairs of shoes as you like and climb into the back of the vehicle.

For your mother, your sisters, and you… Don’t stress about the money; I have everything covered.

He questioned himself and looked to his mother for affirmation. He ran to the vehicle as soon as she gave him the go-ahead, his eyes shining with anticipation.

We still need to get to your friend’s place, so hurry up. Free shoes are available for him and his family as well!

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