Wonderful giant protector meets his new baby brother for the very first time


Since a long time ago, Phil’s owners have not shown him his adorable baby sister. This time, it was his turn to meet his young brother. Phil weighed a lot for a Malamute.

Despite his enormous size, Phil maintained his composure. His father granted Phil permission that day to meet his newborn sister.

He curiously entered after his father let the dog in through the door. He began by giving the family cat, Milo, who was lying on the ground, a sniff.

After that, he went to the big couch and saw a brand-new basket there. He looked at his father with a raised head, as if to inquire, « What’s this? »

While Phil’s father sat next to the basket, the Malamute climbed onto the couch. The proprietor showed Phil the newborn girl who was sleeping in the inviting and cozy basket.

Phil slowly placed his paws on his father’s lap while lying next to the basket as though he were trying to smell the newborn.

Phil’s father quickly moved to the other side of the basket, giving him a better view of the infant. When his father finally asked Phil to say « woof, » Phil responded with affection.

However, he was careful not to disturb the sleeping baby by being too loud. Phil tried to tap the infant with his big paws, but his father stopped him right away.

He thought the sharp claws might hurt the baby. Despite this, the clever dog was content to keep his nose close to the infant because he was aware of this.

Despite the dog’s efforts to make friends with the sleeping infant, Milo preferred to be alone. The dog let out a soft howl as Phil’s parents asked him to speak.

He sat next to the baby in a way that made him look like a proud lion. While the baby slept soundly, Phil waited patiently for his brother to wake up.

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