The women of the neighborhood get together for a superb dance “Grease”


No matter what age you are, dancing is a great way to exercise, express yourself, and relieve stress. Zaldy Lanas insisted that his dance troupe show the world their work.

The Grease song « You’re the One That I Want » was chosen as the subject of a surprise performance by a troupe of female dancers of all ages.

Even though these women are inexperienced, they do an excellent job of staying with their leader Lanas and on the beat. The accomplishments of his students merit Lanas’ admiration.

The smiles on their faces were the best part of everything. They were clearly having a great time. The mix of young and old voices in the music demonstrates that age is just a number.

Anyone can dance with the appearance of ease. Zaldy Lanas enjoys helping people through dance find their creative potential and ways to express themselves.

He thought it would be the ideal song for his all-female band to share their work and inspire other people.

How many people saw this video and realized they could do it as well? The art of dance is so expressive. Individuals like Lanas are an amazing wellspring of motivation.

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