Sweet baby girl uses positive affirmations to calm herself down and it’s just incredible


Teaching children to remain calm when things go wrong is one of the most difficult aspects of parenting.

A video of Shelbee Haderer of McCloud, Oklahoma, giving her 2-year-old daughter Brilee positive affirmations went viral. Shelbee has a great method for calming Brilee down.

After Brilee accidentally smashed her fingers into a door, the video starts.

Shelbee wisely instructed her daughter to take deep breaths while she was crying, even though she was understandably upset by the painful experience.

Shelbee asks the young girl to repeat a few sweet reminders that every child should learn early and well: I’m fine. I’m tough. I’m gorgeous. I am adored. I’m deserving.

The outcome is almost magical! Brilee appears calmer and more composed after saying these affirmations of self-love and acceptance aloud.

Her heartfelt « Thank you, mom » will undoubtedly melt your heart!

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