What looks like now baby Gavin, who was born with a huge face, and now is 4 years old.


When Victoria and Joseph Silvestri were five months pregnant, they found out that their son Gavin would be different.

They were completely prepared for the birth of an unusual baby through frequent consultations with specialists.

On February 1, 2018, Gavin was born. He weighed just over 3 pounds and was 46 centimeters tall, which is normal. Then again, actually, the endearing faces were huge in size.

Journalists were intrigued by the child’s peculiarity, and several major media outlets simultaneously wrote about it.

Thousands of people began to subscribe to the boy’s social networking page, which was created by his parents, as his popularity quickly grew. In addition to following Gavin’s life, many of them offered assistance.

Numerous medical procedures were prescribed to the infant right away in order to identify the cause of the feature and prevent further facial enlargement.

It turned out that a problem with the lymphatic system caused Gavin’s face to enlarge. The boy is now four years old, and normalizing his size would take a very long time.

He is becoming a brilliant and dedicated young man. He just started preschool, and his teachers are praising him for his great progress.

Although the child’s face is still larger than usual, it is gradually returning to normal. Gavin will eventually have to give up his uniqueness and become a « normal child. »

Furthermore, his parents are making every effort to bring that day closer. Additionally, the way he was as a child will only be preserved online on virtual pages.

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