This Great Dane attempts to resist chatty puppy’s charming ways


Ellie’s sister Maddie is making so much noise she can’t sleep! Ellie, a Great Dane, tries to hide under the covers because Maddie wants to greet the morning.

Ellie simply is unable to deal with the volume and noise. Maddie, who is perched atop the bed as though she owns the place, is causing Ellie irritation.

Ellie makes an effort to ignore Maddie out of a desire to be heard. While Maddie begs for attention on the bed, her sister is making fun of her.

Maddie gets up from her bed to look around. Even though Maddie reveals her rump to Ellie, she fails to attract her attention. Because Maddie can’t stop howling and moving, Ellie wants her to be quiet.

Maddie finally settles down on her bed and gets comfortable. She looks over at Maddie because she wants Ellie’s attention once more, but Maddie doesn’t look at her or say anything.

It is funny how the puppy will do whatever it takes to get attention until she is calmly instructed to calm down. Maddie finally comprehends the reason.

Maddie is told that she is a « good girl » as she lies down on her bed by her mother, who can be heard in the background.

Ellie and her mother are both relieved that the puppy has finally cooperated. Maddie may have simply wanted attention even if she was instructed to calm down.

When Maddie settles down, Ellie is so irritated that she won’t go back to sleep!

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