Richard Gere’s young wife showed some romantic photos from a family vacation


In 2018, Alejandra Silva, who is 40 years old, tied the knot with one of Hollywood’s most charming actors. She always seems to make Richard Gere too happy.

People who follow Alejandra on social media often see photos and facts about her day-to-day life.

Richard’s Spanish publicist wife, who is probably too young to be his wife, wrote about the actor’s poor health after sharing some new photos from a family vacation.

Everything seems to be going well so far. « What a nice appearance! » What a lovely family! Please inform me if she would marry an ordinary elderly man.

Or might it only affect well-known actors? Some of the comments left under the new photos included « Love this couple, »

« Hope Gere will be okay for a long time, » and « Uh, this family cozy pictures… » What might you add?

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