The lovely story of a Labrador Grandpa and his baby kittens


Golden Retriever Bailey adores kittens! Additionally, it is clear that the kittens adore Bailey. Over 1.8 million people have seen this video already! plus more than 20,000 likes.

Because I couldn’t stop looking at how adorable they are, I may have contributed a few views and given it my own thumbs up.

The kittens appear to be between eight and ten weeks old in the video. One is a calico, two of them have gray spots on their backs with black stripes, and the fourth is white with a lot of orange spots.

Bailey, who just turned five this year, seems as though he is cherishing each moment of it!

It is so adorable that Bailey is lying there and pretending not to notice as these tiny terrors climb all over him. One of these kittens is even more playful than the others.

That person would be Rascal to me. He seems to be the most disruptive of the group.

Click on the video below and watch it as many times as I did if you need a pick-me-up or want to see some cute kittens and a cute golden retriever.

Make certain to impart it to every one of your companions so they can partake in that warm fluffy inclination also.

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