The couple had identical twin sisters with varied skin tones six years ago. How Anaya and Mila currently look!


Kids born to interracial couples nearly often have unusual looks.

Twins from the UK, on the other hand, attracted attention as soon as they were born.

6 years ago, the entire globe was talking about them.

Their different skin tones were the root of the problem.

We’ll talk about the babies’ early years and current looks.

The infant girls’ skin tone started to progressively alter after a few weeks: Ann was light like her mom, while Milla’s skin darkened.

Such genetic modifications do happen, although being extremely infrequent.

According to the girls’ mom: Milla inherited more of their father’s DNA than Anaya did since they are not identical twins.

« They share the same day of birth, the same mom and dad, but they are just total opposites in every way.

We can’t believe they are twins. » Although Hannah is aware that her kids’ condition is not unique, she is nevertheless concerned for the girls’ future.

The protective mother is terrified of being mocked by others and having her kids rejected by the school squad.Hannah and Kyle became the centre of media attention as soon as the twins were delivered.

When pictures of the parents holding their new babies surfaced in the media, numerous articles attempted to explain the phenomena of the sis.

6 years later, the family is no longer receiving as much media coverage.

Parents keep a closed account on social networks and only sometimes upload pictures of them in an effort to avoid pique the public’s curiosity about their daughters.

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