They were offered the option of losing their daughter or having the triplets arrive early


At 28 weeks of gestation, a married one was warned that 1 of the triplets’ lives was in risk.

Chloe, 22, and her spouse Roan were given the choice of delaying the premature birth of triplets with all accompanying dangers, or choosing to save the lives of only two newborns.

The parents said, « We need everyone, we won’t pick from our kids.

The smallest of the triplets’ daughters weighed just 600 grammes at birth, so Chloe had to spend many weeks with her in the hospital.

But praise God, all was okay in the end. All three of the kids are healthy and alive!

They were all soon reunited. The most intriguing aspect, though, was that there were four other brothers waiting for them at home in addition to a joyful father.

A moving blog on the lives of her quite large family is now maintained by the mother of six (chloeandbeans, or « Chloe and the beans »).

It has already received more than 350 thousand subscriptions from individuals who just admire this fam, who have clenched their fists in prayer for them during this trying time.

If you’ve ever lamented how harsh it is to raise 2 or 3 kiddos, take a look at her.

Though everything they’ve been through, this fam seems to be the calmest and happiest.

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