Identical triplets in every way. Now that they are seven years old see how handsome they have grown to be!


Seven years ago, these incredible children were born.

The family already had a three-year-old girl at the time, so the news of triplets, to put it nicely, startled the future parents.

A number of scientists from around the world were similarly shocked!

After all, three boys who are utterly similar were born.

Statistics show that there are just one in 200 million cases where a mother of children is involved!

The children, who gained notoriety right away, were the subject of TV documentaries, magazine articles, and newspaper front pages.

In light of the public’s increasing fascination with kids, the parents made the decision to start a blog about the enjoyable daily activities of their large fam.

It began as a forum for the sharing of experience.

As a result of partnerships with toy and apparel companies, it eventually started to generate a sizable amount of revenue.

Celebrities today are eager to stand for the camera in brand-new outfits at the age of seven, never failing to astound viewers.

It is interesting because at initially, not even his mother could tell Roman from Roman from Rocco.

But as time went on, it got simpler! Character-wise, the lads couldn’t be more dissimilar!

Roman naturally takes the lead. Roan is notable for his common sense and methodical approach to whatever he undertakes.

Rocco is the main bully in the family and a continuous motion machine!

The boys adore their elder sister, who serves as their extremely strict babysitter.

The men are already in school. All that is left is to feel sorry for their professors!

After instance, it might be difficult to tell three identical kids apart when they are dressed similarly.

Unexpectedly, the triplets’ parents haven’t shared a home in a significant amount of time.

The family’s father ultimately made the decision to temporarily live alone after growing weary of changing diapers and going without sleep.

The man was so relieved from tension and restless nights that he decided to get divorced.

Three kids must be supported solely by his ex-wife.

She doesn’t harbour resentment against her spouse and hasn’t been waiting for his assistance for a very long time.

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