The girl wed a poor Indian man ten years ago. Here is how she now feels about her choice!


Even though everyone assumed that the young people would scatter since Indian men often married females of their nationality, Elya and Puru started dating despite the widespread belief that they wouldn’t.

Nevertheless, Elya receives a marriage proposal from Puru, which unavoidably causes a great deal of friction with her family.

Since neither of them made such a decision, their parents did not object, even if they did not anticipate it.

A boy was soon born after the couple wed.

After a period, it was agreed to move the family to Puru’s native country after they had lived in Elya’s for some time.Elya travelled with her devoted husband despite knowing that there would be a lot of challenges for her there.

Elya had to adapt to her new life.

Nature, calm, and quiet are significant pluses.She must endure a few annoyances, nevertheless, that are foreign to the majority of people who are used to all the advantages of contemporary civilisation.

The girl claims that it is not common practise to adhere wallpaper in an Indian hamlet, thus she must reside in a home with concrete walls.

The network is « cut off » at six in the morning and then put back on at eleven.

This is how electricity is provided to her home. The electricity is put back on around six o’clock in the evening the following day after being shut off at 11 a.m.

Since we only have electricity every other day, we filter water ahead of time to ensure that we always get a source of clean water.

To do this, we use a water pump to fill massive containers that are then linked to a filter, shower, and toilet.

The pump also burnt down, and one day we silently ran out of water in the filter container while filtering out the rain.

Our home was still without electricity the next day. As a result, a cart drawn by oxen was used to transport water from the closest well, she explains.

The lady is currently a stay-at-home mother who manages the household and takes care of the house and her son.

She also discovered her favourite pastime: blogging on social media regularly about her life in India.

Despite the lack of certain traditional amenities, this loving pair is really happy.

« There are many different types of individuals here. They can adjust to practically any living situation, according to Elya.

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