She wed an Indian royal at the age of 48. How the pair is doing now, 16 years later!


Maria is a well-known dramatist, screenwriter, publicist, radio broadcaster, and writer.

Despite the fact that her first two marriages ended in divorce, Maria eventually found love and married an Indian royal 16 years ago.

Shumit Datta Gupta met the woman when they were both working on a documentary on political issues in India.

Shumit, who was a Bengali royal by birth but actually lost his rank, was invited as a guest by Maria’s aide.

Maria extends a birthday invitation to Shumit in an effort to get to know him better and win him over.

And she knew he was her man as soon as they started talking.

He reciprocated by asking the presenter out on a date.

The two started dating, and in 2005 they became legally married.

The fact that Shumit is ten years younger than his wife does not affect the couple in the least.

Maria assumed the duties of the family’s leader since she can make money doing it, and it suited her.

The woman claims that her husband is responsible for making the flat comfortable since he cleans up after himself and makes delectable meals.

Shumit Datta Gupta and Maria have been married for 16 years and are quite content with their union.

According to the lady, support, understanding, and respect for one another’s personal space are the true secrets to their excellent relationship rather than presents or romance.

She thinks her spouse is a great provider for the family who is also generous and thrifty.

Maria herself does not want perfection, she does not seek the assistance of cosmetologists, and she does not enjoy dieting.

She, nevertheless, exudes harmony and confidence. She most likely won the Indian prince’s affection because of this.

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