These Siamese twins, who were split up when they were 4 years old, are now 18 years old. how they now live!


Jake and Erin Herrin had two daughters, Kendra and Malia, towards the conclusion of the winter of 2002.

The newborns’ Siamese twin status brought forth contradictory feelings.

The daughters were a welcome addition to the family, and the parents were happy to have them, but they were also worried about what may happen to them in the future.

After 4 years of living together, they were split up by their parents in order to offer them the opportunity to live independently.

Although the females have just two legs, they can each control one.

They finally adapted and were able to walk and run without any problems.

In order to separate the twins, surgery was performed.

The girls received treatment from the 31 doctors for more than a day.

Kendra and Malia began to become well-known as soon as the media knew about this episode.

It had been 14 years since the twins moved in together.

They had to, of course, get used to a new way of life, but they did it gradually.

In addition to going to school, girls may acquire their education at home.

The girls showed talent as well; they both like drawing and aren’t terrible at it.

For their peers, they are role models who show that any issue can be solved.

They are recognised as school heroes and are highly appreciated by their other students.

Now that the girls are 18 years old, they seem as such.

The sisters have opportunities to live separately from one another, conduct busy lives, and travel.

The girls just finished driving school and are superb drivers.

The sisters’ social media accounts and YouTube channel feature unique events from their lives.

The twins are adored by thousands of people.

The Herrin sisters are in touch with Kelly and Carter’s mother, who are Siamese twins.

On the basis of their personal experiences, they offer her advice and help the newborns in whatever way they can.

Kelly and Carter are also ready to quit their relationship, even though their parents haven’t made a choice yet.

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