He moves his 83-year-old dad to a garden studio close to his home in order to keep him out of a retirement community


A guy named Patrick made the decision to build a modest wooden studio in his yard for his elderly dad in order to house him and keep him out of a nursing facility.

Along with his wife Marie, he resides in France with his 83-year-old dad.

The elderly guy did not want to move into a nursing home when he could no longer live alone.

The expense of living in these specialised facilities may also be rather substantial; for example, Patrick would have had to spend 2,000 euros a month to house his dad in a retirement facility.

« He didn’t want to return to an apartment or a retirement community.

We had to locate another location since the home was not designed to accommodate this many guests, remarked Marie.

After that, they made the decision to buy a little wooden studio and put it in their backyard.

They spent 37,000 euros in total building this lodge old people’s garden studio.

The wooden studio is 15 square metres in size and includes a living room, kitchen, and bathroom.

The chalet has been specifically created to allow his dad to move about comfortably in a wheelchair.

It has been furnished for his well-being. Additionally, the elderly or those with limited mobility can use the restrooms.

This specially designed residence allows the elderly guy to be near to his fam while still maintaining his freedom and autonomy.

He is among us and at home. Although he is independent, Patrick Chastenet revealed that he is just 5 metres away if there is an issue.

More and more individuals nowadays choose to construct a garden studio next to their home in order to host guests, care for ageing family members, or establish a workspace.

This substitute aids in preserving family relationships in addition to saving money on a retirement residence.

His dad formerly resided far away from his son, in this garden studio.

He can now enjoy his grandchildren and more time with his fam.

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