It’s very moving that famed musician Keith Urban granted a young woman’s last desire with a loving serenade


Before departing this world, Marissa English, a 25-year-old woman, had some very wonderful joyous moments.

The truth was that she was born with a number of illnesses, including water and cysts in her brain.

She was a great admirer of the well-known singer and artist Keith Urban despite having several illnesses.

She had always wanted to meet her favourite musician, Keith Urban, in a real, live event.

She mustered all of her might in order to secure the concert tickets she so much wanted.

Her desire was so great and sincere. Even though she wasn’t certain she could go, Marissa nonetheless purchased it.

She was so sure she would be able to travel to Toledo, Ohio to see her favourite singer perform live.

But because of a sudden change in her condition, she was unable to make it to the show.

The poor kid felt awful, and when she realised that she would not get another chance to see her icon, her heart sank.

Soon after witnessing her in that scenario, Marissa’s nurses were unable to remain impartial and sent a letter to the singer with a plea.

To see Marissa, the considerate Urban changed all of his planned activities.

The youngster then had a thrill when Urban entered her room at the Mercy Kids’ Hospital and greeted her.

It was, as she said, the best day of her life!

The musician called her his « best fan » and sang « Blue Ain’t Your Color » for her that day.

Marissa and Urban will always remember that day as extraordinary!

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