Woman sees something fury by the side of the road; as it begins to move, she chooses to approach it


A tangle of wool in the snow by the side of the road caught Raylene’s attention last week as she was travelling home from work in Saskatchewan, Canada.

A stunning discovery was made when she went to examine the weird object: a hungry porcupine was attempting to escape the snow.

She intervened instantly after seeing the animal was in distress.

As she drew nearer, she noticed that the animal was flat on its back and that it had literally nailed itself to the snow with its own needles.

She stated in an interview with The Dodo that the porcupine made an effort to free himself, but Raylene was concerned that he might be unable to do it on his own.

She made the decision to assist the unfortunate man when it became clear in the end that her presumptions were accurate.

She pulled out a little spade and approached the porcupine with caution.

She was able to turn the animal on its stomach using the equipment.

She continued with the subsequent assignment, which was obviously more challenging for the porcupine without her assistance.

The animal desired to travel through the snowdrifts and reach the woodland.

He tried again and again, but there was so much snow that he could not accomplish it.

She once more paved the way with the snow shovel for the thorny animal, which ultimately made its way back to the forest.

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