A courageous diver removes fishing hooks from the shark’s mouth with her hand


In the community of divers and scuba aficionados, Cristina Zenato is well-known.

We greatly appreciate her extensive experience with sharks.

She developed a reputation as the « shark whisperer » after working with sharks and other marine animals for more than 20 years.

No one will be at ease after watching the most recent video she shared!

In reality, the woman in the video is in the Bahamas region and is surrounded by a sizable swarm of sharks.

Unexpectedly approaching the diver, a shark approaches and acts as though it wants to pet her.

Cristina is shocked to learn that the shark with the unfortunate moniker of Foggy Eye is the one that dislikes being handled.

Soon after, Cristina realises that the underwater creature is pleading for assistance and approaches the shark.

It was at that point that the diver discovered the fish’s mouth had a fishhook.

She claims that she simply acted calmly when approaching the hook.

Now, it’s normal for people to refer to this woman as a « shark dentist. »

How she was able to approach the predator is still amazing.

It turns out that Cristina has the power to induce a trance-like condition in the sharks.

She effectively puts the sharks to sleep. Watch the amazing moment right here!

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