She’s over ninety, and she’s in salons. The famous actress soon will turn hundred


This mid-year, the incredible Italian film entertainer praised her 94th birthday celebration, even though it’s difficult to accept because the entertainer looks a lot more youthful.

Gina Lollobridida’s filmography begins with 1946’s « The Black Eagle » and continues with cameo roles in 1946’s « Love Drink » and 1949’s « Crazy about Opera. »

Mario Costa directed the pictures. Gina was able to sign a costly contract thanks to the same director’s 1948 film « Pagliacci, » which resolved all of her financial issues.

The film star’s frequent appearances at various social gatherings delight her fans. We’d like to point out that Gina always looks and acts the best, from her makeup to her hairstyle.

Gina’s admirers always describe their favorite actresses with affection: What a perfect! She is overflowing with life and the need to live!”, Beauty. A real woman is here.

She works in salons despite being over ninety! Gina, keep it up! Super!”, “ What does it mean to say that the actress will soon be 100? Goddess! Amazingly charismatic woman!

Wow, what a lady! The talented actress enjoys spending time with her grandson, sculpting sculptures, taking photographs, and making music.

Lollobrigida accepts that the opportunity has not arrived to become old and will satisfy 113 years, similar to centenarians in Sardinia.

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